Policy Recommendations to Improve State Review of Proposed Pipelines

NJ Conservation Foundation NJ Highlands Coalition Pinelands Preservation Alliance Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association Rethink Energy NJ Policy Recommendations to Improve State Review of Proposed Pipelines Background Multiple infrastructure proposals for new non-renewable energy sources, including oil and natural gas pipelines and transmission lines, have been permitted and constructed in recent years or are pending […]

Smart meters and AMI unanimously approved by NJ Board of Public Utilities

Calling Rockland Electric’s proposal for smart meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure “revolutionary” and “a future we have to embrace,” Commissioner Fiordaliso joined his fellow Board of Public Utilities members in unanimously approving the utility’s plan to provide 74,000 customers near-real-time data on their electrical usage.  EELC represented the Environmental Defense Fund and worked with the […]

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Client Feature: NJCF scientist Emile DeVito stewards the Pine Barrens

  “I’ll have to call you back. I’m rushing an injured snake to the lab.” Emile DeVito, Manager of Science and Stewardship at the New Jersey Conservation Foundation (NJCF), had just finished cleaning up yet another pile of garbage illegally dumped in the New Jersey Pine Barrens when I called.  Hiding among the debris was […]

EELC requests FERC hold evidentiary hearing on PennEast project

On Friday, in response to PennEast’s request for FERC to expedite project review, EELC renewed its own request to FERC for a hearing on the proposed Project.  EELC represents New Jersey Conservation Foundation and Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, who oppose the controversial PennEast Pipeline because it has not demonstrated any public benefits. Many others agree – including the […]

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Yahoo News: Does New Jersey need the PennEast pipeline?

EELC is representing New Jersey Conservation Foundation and Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association to oppose the PennEast pipeline. Many legal hurdles to the pipeline remain even though FERC is now likely to approve the project. As Tom Gilbert explains in this Yahoo News article: “There’s a lot of compelling evidence from credible sources that there’s no need for [PennEast],” Gilbert said. “It’s one thing […]

EELC helps broker agreement between Bergen SWAN and Suez Water Company

Last month, EELC helped Bergen SWAN negotiate two agreements with the Suez Water Company, which protect the environment and protect the quality of the Oradell Reservoir’s drinking water supply. The first agreement involves Suez’s proposed sale of its former headquarters property in Harrington Park. Both the north and south sides of the property border the […]

Senior Staff Attorney Jennifer Danis testifies before Congress

EELC’s Jennifer Danis testified before Congress that proposed federal legislation fast-tracking natural gas pipeline approvals would jeopardize health and safety.  Danis was on Capitol Hill representing clients New Jersey Conservation Foundation and Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association. Read the press release and Danis’ complete testimony here.

DEP deals another blow to PennEast pipeline project

EELC is proud to have helped our clients’ continued fight to protect New Jersey’s exceptional resources. Read about the latest setback to the PennEast project here. New Jersey Conservation Foundation Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association  

EELC appeals Pinelands pipeline: no public need and local processes circumvented

In a brief filed recently on behalf of the Sierra Club,  EELC charges that the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities ignored state and local laws when it approved a proposal for a New Jersey Natural Gas pipeline in the Pinelands. According to EELC Senior Staff Attorney, Raghu Murthy, the BPU short-circuited the local approval […]

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Will New Jersey Finally Accept the Smart Grid?

New Jersey is a state of many “firsts”: the first boardwalk, first copper mine, and first drive-in movie theater. Ironically, our state is the birthplace of modern electricity, but as one of only eighteen states without advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), we are lagging far behind in new utility technology. EELC is collaborating with the Environmental […]

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EELC files to require FERC to hold evidentiary hearing on public need for Penn East pipeline

The proposed PennEast natural gas pipeline, if approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), will stretch 118 miles between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. By their own admission, PennEast’s construction will disturb over 1,600 acres of preserved open space, farms, forests and other land. U.S. Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman, an outspoken critic of the pipeline, […]